The Importance of Group Class

20 Oct

Ms. Gretchen takes the wheel…

Dr. Suzuki observed that learning is a social and environmental activity.  Group classes assist in the development of ensemble skills, which includes stoping and starting together, feeling the pulse, balance between the melody and harmony, and developing the ability to play in unison.  The skills learned in group class are prerequisite to being in an orchestra, chamber ensemble, or soloist with an accompaniment and comparable to the skills one learns in a sports team.

Students participating in group classes have the opportunity to review their repertoire and skills.  Reviewing repertoire and skills is more enjoyable with fellow peers.  Games, challenges, memory, musicianship skills are also more enjoyable in a group setting.

As stated in Nurtured by Love, “Parents who do not understand children think they are paying for the private lessons and that group lessons are just recreation periods.  So although they make sure that their children attend private lessons, they often fail to bring them to group lessons.  But the fact is that what the children enjoy most is the group playing.  They play with children who are more advanced than they are; the influence is enormous, and is marvelous for their training.  This is the real talent education.”

Group classes meet our human need for belonging and allow us to learn and reinforce skills in a relaxed and playful atmosphere.  They create and extend the musical environment so that all students may reach their highest potential.  Students that attend group classes reach their fullest potential faster because of their motivation and solid technique that is developed during these events.

“Any child can be developed, it depends on how you do it” -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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