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Why Listening?

24 Oct

Listening is the most important concept in the Suzuki Method!  A child’s ear will be well trained by listening, and the student will be motivated to want to play the music they hear.  Because the student will have the music memorized, it gives them attention to the challenges of playing their instrument. A child’s rate of […]

Why Review?

22 Oct

Children thrive on repetition and enjoy perfecting an idea they are comfortable playing.  Parents must have a positive attitude toward review and refinement by understanding and enjoying the aspects themselves. Review is a habit.  A review habit should be established early in a child’s musical training.  By establishing a routine, the student receives all the […]

Helping Your Child Practice

21 Oct

Your child doesn’t need you to be a perfect parent.  However, being present with your child is the most important concept.  Practicing happens in a very close, often intense relationship.  As Ed Sprunger states in his book Building Violin Skills, stick with the original rule, “Think Like an Attorney, but talk like Mr. Rodgers.” Your […]

More Fun and Games for Practice

20 Sep

Mr. Tyler concludes… Another game is for helping to make things automatic, such as the musical alphabet, or note names (using flash cards).  What we do is use a stopwatch and to do time trials.  Choose a set goal (like saying the alphabet backwards twice, or doing 10 flash cards).  Time how long it takes to […]

Using Games to Invigorate Practice

17 Sep

Mr. Tyler continues… Another game is for helping to make parts of a piece automatic so that skill is inculcated.  In the study of piano we use this kind of practice a lot to solidify each hand before putting a piece hands together.  This is also a great way to practice to bring greater awareness to […]

Can Practice Be Fun?

16 Sep

Mr. Tyler takes the pen… “Once you find the chore is fun, you’ll find the work is halfway done!” ~Mary Poppins While we all love to feel that practice is rewarding in itself, sometimes even professional musicians find that our practice needs a fresh idea or activity.  These are wonderful opportunities to infuse practice with creativity […]