Helping Your Child Practice

21 Oct

Your child doesn’t need you to be a perfect parent.  However, being present with your child is the most important concept.  Practicing happens in a very close, often intense relationship.  As Ed Sprunger states in his book Building Violin Skills, stick with the original rule, “Think Like an Attorney, but talk like Mr. Rodgers.”

Your child is a seedling who will blossom in a nurturing environment.  You cannot tug on a plant to make it grow, but rather trust the process.  When a gardener is growing a seedling, they fertilize, water, and care for the plant.  Parents must do the same process with their child.  Just as gardeners encounter weeds, pests, and get dirt under their fingernails, parents will encounter this too.

Remind your child that learning involves growing and changing; and it doesn’t necessarily happen in a straight line.  The goal of practicing is to make it easier.

Ed Sprunger, Suzuki teacher and child psychologist, will be visiting TESS on November 1st and 2nd.  He has written several books, my favorite being “Helping Parents Practice.”  It is a great resource for parents to better understand the Suzuki Method and the their role in the triangle!  I highly encourage you to pick up your copy of the book and come to the workshop!

“Parents who recognize their child’s potential ability are good parents.” -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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