Gems from Ed Sprunger, I

28 Oct

In anticipation of our workshop this weekend… Ms. Meredith share her favorite thoughts:

I love the book “Helping Parent’s Practice” by Ed Sprunger – it’s on my bookshelf and available for anyone to look at whenever they are with me in my guitar rooms.  I’m excited to see him this weekend when he shares insights with parents, students and faculty.  In honor of his visit I thought I would quote snippets from his book on various subjects for each of my blogs this week:

“..the purpose of practice isn’t to learn how to try really hard to play a piece, but to repeat things so that they become easier.  …Things don’t get easier just for your child.  The work that you, the parent, do during practice will also get easier over time, as you, the parent, “practice practicing”.

Our parents here at the school are a wonderful resource – many are ‘old hands’ at practicing and can help with struggling parents.  Either way, many parents will have really useful suggestions and insights – the upcoming Parent Session this Saturday from 11:15 to 12:15 is a wonderful way to share both struggles and insights.

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