Violin Lessons for Children at TESS


Becki Christopherson 

Does your child want to learn how to play the violin?  The minute your 3 year old steps into Becki’s studio for beginning lessons, you have begun to plant the seed of “music for life”. You will see your child evolve from one who learns by listening first, to the intermediate student who is developing their music reading skills, and finally to the high school student who is enjoying playing in the Chamber music program at TESS. The Suzuki philosophy plays an integral part in this journey, and is the reason my studio stands out. Most of my students reach the major concerto repertoire by the age of fourteen.

Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of the mother-tongue approach works, because this is how we learn to speak; by listening. In the beginning, most of your child’s training will be established by listening to recordings everyday. He or she will establish a good sense of posture and balance of the instrument, along with producing a beautiful tone and artistry of the instrument. Music reading is introduced gradually in the lesson and is further enhanced once the child’s ear-training and posture is strong.

My Suzuki violin group classes motivate! They are essential to the growth and development of the child’s ear-training. We play in unison during the first three levels, and eventually enhance the group experience with duets and a reading group. In addition to the performing aspect of the group, musicianship and music theory is also taught, helping to make the connection between the aural and written music.

Not a Suzuki student? Our Chamber Music Program welcomes students from other music studios who wish to play music outside of the Suzuki repertoire in an intimate group setting. They perform music literature from great composers like Prokofiev, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. After a Suzuki student finishes book 4, they continue their studies with the common repertoire all violin teachers introduce, so traditional and Suzuki students play together beautifully!