Study at TESS is open to all children and their families. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, ethnic origin, or religious belief in its admissions, student aid, scholarships, or other educational policies.


When registration forms are issued, returning students have two weeks to reserve their current slot or request a change. Payment in full is due with registration. The office generally requires two additional weeks to set the schedules and make any accommodations possible. All remaining spots are then made available to either returning and/or wait-listed students on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend that new students join a wait-list as soon as possible for placement.

Schedule Changes

When schedule confirmations are received by the families, the administration allows one week to be alerted to any scheduling issues, including recital and workshop times. After the deadline, no changes may be made.

Conduct at TESS

Children, parents and guests are expected to demonstrate respect for the learning environment at all times while on TESS property, in the school and at special events. It is the responsibility of the parents or caregivers to ensure that waiting children and siblings are behaving safely, appropriately and quietly. Children under the age of 13 must have an adult at TESS with them at all times. Families who do leave students ages 13 and up at TESS unattended are asked to arrive for the last 10 minutes of the lesson to facilitate communication.  Children who demonstrate an inability to behave quietly in waiting areas will be asked to join their family in the lesson. The school reserves the right to request that siblings who repeatedly cause issues during lessons do not attend the lessons with the TESS student if they are disrupting the rights of others to have a quality learning environment.

Weather emergencies

Please check your email in cases of inclement weather. The school makes every effort to stay open and will send an email if we are closing. If we close, group classes are cancelled but private lessons will be held over the internet at the regularly scheduled time. A cancellation by the family due to inclement cannot be made up except in the case of lost power or internet connection.

Cancelled Classes

Any class cancelled by the faculty will be made up within the same semester.  If two options for make-ups are offered and refused, the lesson is forfeited. However, the school regrets that any group classes cancelled due to inclement weather, holiday, or by the director cannot be rescheduled. Students are encouraged to attend a similar class on a different day to make-up a missed group class. Please call the office to notify the teacher of your planned attendance.

Missed Classes

If a student must miss a lesson, please notify the teacher in advance. Some teachers may publish their schedules, in which case it may be possible for the student to make arrangements to switch times with another student that week. However, no make-ups can be given for lessons missed by the student except for religious holidays when notice of seven days or more is given. In the case a teacher agrees to try to make-up a lesson missed by a family, it must be within the teacher’s regularly scheduled work hours. If two options for a make-up are provided and refused, the lesson is considered to be made up.


For wait-list students: A portion of the deposit may be refunded, provided that notice of withdrawal is received within 30 days of TESS’ receipt of the wait-list registration form and a slot has not been reserved for the student. The entire deposit will be refunded if placement cannot be made. Refunds may be given for lessons missed by the teacher and not made up by the end of the term (see Cancelled Classes). No other refunds are available. In extreme cases, when conversations with the teacher, director, student and parents have failed to yield resolution, withdrawal prior to the start of a semester may result in a refund if the slot can be sold to another student. A 10% withdrawal fee will apply.


Every student is expected to attend classes regularly as well as participate fully in recitals, workshops, and other opportunities for music education offered by the school. Parents and students are expected to be respectful of school property, the faculty, and its staff. The school reserves the right to deny admission at its discretion.

1. Invoicing

All invoices are sent via email from the bookkeeper. Upon receiving your email, please open the attachment to verify the accuracy of the invoice. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the invoice, please reply immediately so we can address them. No alterations or corrections will be made after 30 days. Our Basic Tuition Package includes 19 weeks of lessons (private and group), as well as services such as administration, student recitals, one rehearsal for the student recital, all group performances, and other school-wide musical events. It is the client’s responsibility to take advantage of all that TESS has to offer as prices cannot be prorated. Tuition does not, however, include any inventory materials, extra lessons or classes, graduation recitals, supplemental classes, or master classes. These will be billed separately. Tuition is due in full at registration and all other invoices are due upon receipt.

Registration: When you register for lessons and/or classes, please fill out the form completely and sign and date the bottom. Payment must be included with your registration. Please note that registration is not considered finalized, and a lesson time cannot be reserved until this form is completed, signed and returned with payment in full. All lessons are paid for whether taken or missed.

Extra Services: Throughout the year, you may take advantage of other services TESS has to offer. These services, including inventory items such as books and CDs, extra teacher time and rehearsals, graduation recitals, and master classes with guest artists are billed separately. When receiving inventory, you will need to sign or initial the appropriate form to confirm receipt of the item(s). Please note that all inventory items are subject to a 6.6% sales tax. Any extra time spent with a teacher will be billed at a pro-rated price according to the teacher’s submission of extra time spent. Accompanist fees are charged at an hourly rate for rehearsals and/or use of an accompanist during lesson time. Graduation recitals are billed after the recital, and include teacher/accompanist time for the recital and preparation for the recital, and inventory received at the graduation. Occasionally, students are invited to attend a supplemental class and/or offered the opportunity to sign up. Prices are included on the sign-up sheet, and signing up obligates payment for all classes regardless of actual attendance. Therefore, if you sign up for a class, please make sure you will be available to avoid paying for a class you are not able to attend.

2. Collections & Payments

Tuition is due in full with your registration forms to complete the registration process. If you are unable to make payment in full, please contact the bookkeeper prior to the registration deadline. They will assist you with any necessary payment arrangements prior to returning your form by the deadline. Invoices for all other services and materials are due on receipt. Charges of any amount older than 30 days will be assessed a $20 late fee.

Monthly Statements & Reminder of Payment Due are sent out via email at the end of the month to any client who has a balance of more than $5.00 on their account to remind you that have an unpaid balance on your account. If you make payment arrangements, you will receive a friendly reminder email one week before the due date. Please note that if you have a payment plan, you may not receive a Monthly Statement.

All clients delinquent in their payments due shall receive an email notification one week after a 7 day grace period. If payment is not received in a timely manner, TESS reserves the right to suspend lessons until payment has been received. TESS also reserves the right to deny special accommodations and/or future enrollment to accounts that are significantly or repeatedly delinquent.

 3. Discounts & Late Fees

Tuition payments made in full by cash or check will receive a  discount as reflected on the registration form. Other discounts on tuition may be available through promotions and incentives. All discounts are subject to change.

Any returning student registration that is received 30 days after the deadline is subject to a late fee. All invoices that are not paid within 30 days will be subject to a $20 late fee. If an invoice is not paid, the account will be charged a late fee every 30 days until the invoice is paid in full or payment arrangements have been made. If payment arrangements have been made, the account is subject to a late fee if the payment is not received by the due date.

Payment arrangements may be made before an account is delinquent to avoid late fees. A nominal $5/month fee will be charged to any account that requests a payment arrangement and pays by check. A $20/month fee will be charged to any account that pays a payment plan by credit card. Please contact the bookkeeper to make arrangements.

4. Other Fees

Returned Check/Automatic Withdraw $30.00
Cancelled Payment to Credit Card/Automatic Withdraw $5.00
Credit Card Rejection $20.00

5. Payment Plans

In some circumstances, payment plans may be available. Payment Plans will only be available for registration forms that are turned in before the deadline. All payment plans will be subject to a $5/month fee. Please contact the bookkeeper for details.

6. Method of Payment

We accept payment by cash, check, Automatic Withdrawal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card.