Our custom-designed musicianship curriculum stems from our conviction that instrumental study is a means to understand the magical world of music rather than an end unto itself. In our musicianship classes, our students train their ears, minds and hearts to connect with music on a whole new level.

Our curriculum was developed by Elizabeth Bodek and Nick Revel keeping the Suzuki approach in mind. In the beginning, students learn intuitively, through listening games and musical activities designed to introduce the basics of meter, rhythm, pitch, and intervalic relationships between notes. As the children get older and more advanced, they also learn to interpret music through reading as well as writing. The subjectiveness of musical expression is made concrete through this level of understanding music.

Learning music theory creates a way to ponder and describe music in objective terms, which is the best tool to talk about, study, and understand music in a structural and objective way. We encourage all music students to learn theory with the idea that it can help connect them with the music and maybe even inspire them to write music; the most personal expression of music. To get going, here are a few ready-to-use music theory websites:

MusicTheory Teoria Musicfun