Course of Study

Music lessons in violin are available for children ages 3 and up. Children who do not know what instrument they wish to study may participate in our Meet the Instruments class held every summer. These classes provide a fun musical foundation for further study and introduce the students to the various instruments they may study at a young age. Children older than five may should observe classes first to determine their favorite.

Suzuki Instruction requires students to participate in private and group lessons. All students begin with a classical foundation in the Suzuki repertoire enhanced by master classes, supplemental repertoire, workshops, group and solo performing opportunities, and special events, such as the Family Concert.

All students, including piano students, doubly benefit from a group class, in which the students play together and perform soloistically, and a musicianship class, which teaches music reading and theory in a curriculum unique to TESS. Students are invited to participate in the Schubert Club Young Musician’s Festival (piano), the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra Student Festival (strings), the Norwalk Youth Symphony, Fairfield County Strings, and Western Regional Orchestra. The Audition Camp in August is open to all orchestral students in Fairfield County.

The course of study for instrumental lessons consists of both private and group classes. The private class takes place once a week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and provides the heart of the instruction. Parents attend these lessons so they are able to practice with their child at home.

The group class takes place once a week for 30 or 45 minutes (string instruments), including both repertoire and musicianship studies, and provides a social setting for musical pursuits. The group class options for pianists vary by level. Children gain a peer group, develop ensemble skills, begin note reading and theory instruction, and perform informally for each other in preparation for the student solo recitals. Parents attend these classes as well to offer support and assist their child.

Guitar lessons will be provided by the Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy (david.veslocki at Piano lessons will be mostly provided by the Norwalk Suzuki Piano School (jarodkashkin at and Shippan Music Studio in Stamford (elizabeth.bodek at lessons are available at the Greenwich Suzuki Academy, and Ms. Becki is waitlisting for children ages three to five for violin enrollment in the fall of 2017.