Suzuki Curriculum


All students begin at a beginning level referred to as the Pre-Twinkle Level. At this time they learn the basic posture necessary for playing, elementary rhythms and notes, and acquire general knowledge about their instruments. They also begin listening to the Suzuki CD and practicing daily. Another important component of this level is learning how to take a music lesson, to respond to the teacher with respect and to work at home with the parent. The video series includes all lessons necessary to complete this step.

Guitar Twinkler at RecitalTwinkle

At the Twinkle level, the students are learning how to “learn” music: master the necessary technique, commit the music to memory, and perform it without assistance from the teacher or parent. They also will become familiar with the notes on a staff and most rhythmic patterns. Students begin refining the skills developed at the Pre-Twinkle Level and develop a habit of daily listening and practice. While each student progresses at their own pace, most students require at least one semester of study, and often two, to complete this critical foundation level. This study culminates in a Twinkle Graduation for their group class in which they perform Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the various variations with basic skills in evidence. The video series includes all lessons necessary to complete this step.

Violinist performing at RecitalBooks 1-4

This level contains the balance of pieces from the first CD and subsequent books. Each piece has at least one teaching point that will be previewed prior to formal study of that piece and must be mastered prior to continuing on to the next piece. All of the pieces are reviewed on a daily basis, creating a growing repertoire that students can draw on for impromptu performances for friends and family. In this way they accumulate skills throughout Book 1. At this level, group class time is divided between Repertoire Class and Musicianship Class. The Repertoire Class is instrument-specific and continues to provide the social element and ensemble training. The Musicianship Class furthers an understanding of music reading and theory. The Book 1 level culminates in a Book 1 Graduation Recital for friends and family during which students perform the entire repertoire with the skills developed in Book 1 in evidence. At graduation, they receive Book 2 and the CD for Book 3 for early listening. This pattern is repeated for all subsequent books.  The video series includes all lessons necessary to complete book 1 at this time. After book 4, adult students are prepared to pursue and genre of music they desire due to their fabulous foundation!

Book 4 and Beyond

After a student has completed Book 4, they have completed the Beginning Levels of Suzuki instruction. Books 4-6 are considered to be an Intermediate level. Their group classes mature into chamber ensembles, and they are placed with other students of roughly the same age and ability.  Online students may continue with lessons with Becki, or seek other professionals who specialize in their desired genre of music.