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A Philosophical Conversion

10 Sep

Ms. Gretchen continues… I studied at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) for my undergraduate degree.  I began as a violin and horn Music Education major.  During my first summer on campus at UWSP, I discovered that the largest Suzuki institute in the country happens in the little town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  During the […]

Review Builds Ability

02 Sep

Ms. Meredith speaking… Refreshing your Review Review is one of the main pillars of the Suzuki educational philosophy.  I’m sure everyone already knows this – have you noticed yet that we play things over and over? How many Suzuki teachers does it take to change a light bulb? One, but they do it 100 times! […]

Fostering Independent Practice

22 Aug

Today was our fourth day of audition boot camp. It was very obvious that everyone was tired. Playing for 6 hours a day is a lot of work! Thursday I decided to do something different. On Monday and Tuesday I wrote down notes for them in their masterclass to follow later on while they practiced. On Wednesday they wrote their own notes. Thursday, […]

Got a Little Motivated Myself!

20 Aug

Ms. Daniela continues… Day 2 boot camp and the power of finding or telling a story in your piece!Today was day two of our audition boot camp – camp that prepares students for their upcoming youth orchestra auditions. I had a lot of fun yesterday helping the students with their pieces. We decided or rather agreed collectively […]

What Motivates You?

19 Aug

Ms. Daniela speaking… What motivates you? Today I went into the city to help one of my students pick out their full size violin! How exciting, right? Yes and even more exciting is the journey that brought this student here. He took a couple years off from violin because the teacher he had was not […]

Motivation for Home Practice

06 Aug

So apparently I have finally found a way to motivate myself to do something I like to do at an effective level. So as you look for ways to help your child stay motivated, ask yourself – what areas do you have to work extra hard to motivate yourself? What works? What doesn’t work? In […]

More Musings on Motivation

05 Aug

My students enjoy performing and sharing their art with others, but don’t necessary enjoy the work that goes into the preparation. More on this tomorrow! So yesterday I was talking about building intrinsic motivation in my advanced students this summer as they get older and hopefully take more ownership of their relationships with music and […]

Motivation for Home Practice

04 Aug

Ms. Becki speaking… As we embark on two weeks without lessons, I’d like to say a word about motivation. Your child’s motivation will probably decrease as they disconnect a bit from the school, their teacher, and their routine. But let’s face it, if motivation were easy, Anthony Robbins wouldn’t be rich! A search on […]