About TESS

Becki Christopherson, owner and primary teacher at TESS, is a life-long Suzuki student and teacher. She understands how the Suzuki Method can unlock the unlimited potential in people of all ages. Parents, children and adults are all nurtured through the skills exemplified in the philosophy and pedagogy created by Dr. Suzuki to achieve their best as musicians and people.  

Courses of Study in Norwalk range from introductory Pre-Suzuki classes, to Suzuki instrumental instruction, all the way to an Advanced Program of chamber music. Private study at TESS is not required to take advantage of our Advanced Program electives. Online video teaching, which will be launched in March of 2018, is geared at older beginners and adults who are not able to attend lessons in person. A foundational block of lessons will be available – practice with your teacher every day! To receive feedback and encouragement, students may submit a video to her.

Enrollment is available for children wishing to play violin who are ages three to five for Winter Term 2018! Private slots are available on Wednesdays with group classes at 9:30am on Saturdays (30 minutes).

Adult slots, in person or by Skype, are available between 10am and 1:30pm Monday through Friday, EST.  Please email tessnorwalk@gmail.com for more info!

Find out why the arts matter here! Or, view a brief video of the benefits of music study (and be amazed!) here.